Antonio Augusto Franco Garcia

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I have a PhD in Genetics and Plant Breeding (Department of Genetics, “Luiz de Queiroz” College of Agriculture, University of São Paulo - ESALQ/USP and a post-doc in Statistical Genetics (Bioinformatics Research Center, North Carolina State University, USA).

Professional Activities

I started my career as a researcher working with sugarcane breeding (1995-1998) at Federal University of São Carlos, Araras, SP, Brazil. After, I moved to the Department of Statistics at ESALQ/USP, teaching Calculus, Statistics and Experimental Designs (1998-2002). Nowadays, I am a faculty of Department of Genetics (ESALQ/USP), teaching Genetics, Plant Breeding and Statistical Genetics.


The ultimate goal of my research projects is trying to have a better understanding of the genetic architecture of quantitative traits, specially (but not exclusively) for polyploids, with emphasis on sugarcane. This could be useful for breeding programs and for geneticists interested on complex traits.

To achieve this goal, I have been investigating statistical genetics methods related to: i) linkage mapping; ii) quantitative trait loci (QTL) mapping; iii) association mapping; iv) genomic selection.

Breeding programs always need to take into consideration important phenomenon such as genotype by environment interaction, and the presence of correlation between traits. My group is also investigating these subjects.


You can find a list with all my publications on my Google Scholar page. Also, look at my Mendeley profile. You can download my CV by clicking here.


I proudly coordinate a Statistical Genetics Laboratory and advisor a number of students, including undergrads, MSc candidates, PhD candidates, and post-docs. For more information, visit the Lab website.


Occasionally, I also wrote some tutorials about subjects related with my research activities. Most of them are focused on my students, but they could also be interesting for a broader audience.

  1. Introduction to R

More about me

I am a Statistical Geneticist trying to understand the genetic architecture of quantitative traits. You can find more links to all my internet content (CV, websites, social networks, etc) at